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W hat's going on ?
What's going on?
Summer, autumn, winter...
What of it!
It doesn't matter.
Hot weather will give
place to rain,
rain will pass,
snow will thaw.
But fresh colours of spring
do not split away.
They will always
remaining your memory.
Impressionist landscapes Gallery - Landscapes 1

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oil landscape no.420

Harvested wheat field
Oil on canvas
2003, 60x65 cm
oil landscape no.343

Corn fields
Oil on canvas
2002, 51x72 cm
oil landscape no.342

Wheat fields and clouds
Oil on canvas
2002, 60x70 cm
oil landscape no.421

Oil on canvas
2003, 70x65 cm
oil landscape no.403

Oil on canvas
2003, 40x45 cm
oil landscape no.393

Landscape with tractors
Oil on canvas
2003, 60x65 cm

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