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Guestbook of Vitali Komarov

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Dave and Jane
from: Czech rep, Břeclav and Lednice website: wrote on May 27, 2007:
Dont know, if can we write czech or english. We try czech (because english is too troublesome for us:). Hezké malby, hezká místa. Vůbec jsme nevěděli, že pár metrů od nás má sídlo takový umělec. Přečetli jsme si článek v Novém Životě. Ať se vám daří i dále!
Andrew Taylor
from: UK website: wrote on April 24, 2007:
Vert interesting work with an most unusual sense of colour - and lots of vibrant energy.
I am trying to find time to paint, aside from the glass work.
Great painting and I wish you lots of success - I'll revisit.
from: the Netherlands website: wrote on April 8, 2007:
Hello visit your site and like your work very much vincent van gogh did work and live in a small village call nuenen he was the neighbour man from my grantfather he painted also ,did you know that vincent had a brain deviation with colors visit my site and read about it also see where he did live and work .if you like to exchange links tell me and i will do also you may become a paintingfriend on my fivestars page send me your photo and one work you like to show it will cost you nothing and i will put it on with your link be welcome .and if you like sign my guestbook to .
Greetings from the Netherlands a paintingfriend dutchartistjelke
website: wrote on March 30, 2007:
Horoshiy sait, Vitaliy. Otlichnaya dizainerskaya rabota - ochen' svoeobraznaya. (sorry za translit)
cars rentals
from: usa website: wrote on March 10, 2007:
HI Guys
Thought I would drop by and have a look at your site. Thank your for good site and sercice.
Mark Larson
from: Topeka, Kansas, USA wrote on February 12, 2007:
Very striking and evocative paintings, glad I found your site.
from: usa website: wrote on February 9, 2007:
i love your website!!
can we exchange links?
from: england wrote on January 30, 2007:
can you print this painting
David Chidgey
wrote on January 17, 2007:


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website: wrote on January 8, 2007:

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